Making the Perfect Flat White Coffee

By December 5, 2017 A MILK DROP A DAY

The flat white coffee is the most popular coffee beverage in the UK, making it the ideal starting point for our new series of barista tips. Get this drink right, and you’ll soon be well on your way to producing the perfect coffee.

Here we explain how to make the perfect flat white coffee in five easy steps.

How to Make the Perfect Flat White Coffee

How to make the perfect flat white

1 Make up your double espresso. A double shot of good quality espresso will achieve the desired 3:1 espresso to milk ratio for a 12oz (340ml) drink. You can achieve the perfect tamp by pressing the coffee down evenly. Ideally you want a smooth, flat surface with no gaps or channels to serve as a shortcut for the coffee. If the water doesn’t flow evenly through the basket, the coffee will be over-extracted in some areas and under-extracted in others, resulting in a bitter taste.

coffee extraction2 Once you’ve achieved the perfect tamp, you can then go ahead and extract the coffee. Place the group handle into the group head and screw it in tight. Provided your coffee is of the right grind, you have used the correct amount and an even tamp has been achieved, extraction should take roughly 25 seconds. Your coffee should produce a nice crema (which you’ll need later for latte art). High quality coffee is key – a blend such as Lavazza Super Crema works really well as it is more forgiving when you’re trying to achieve a thick crema.
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