The PNK Foundation was established in December 2015 with the aim of improving the livelihoods of disadvantaged communities in the Lari County region. We do this by empowering community groups to find sustainable home-grown solutions to the challenges they face.

Our community activities fall into four pillars, carefully chosen to reflect areas where we can have the greatest impact and where we can make the most difference.

These are: Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Education Infrastructure Support programmes, and Agricultural Awareness and Training programmes for Economic Sustenance.



The Vision of the PNK Foundation is to create an atmosphere where the corporate world can harness the power of community groups to invest in sustainable solutions that transform livelihoods.



To invest in homegrown solutions and transfer best practices to other communities in ways that will empower the most vulnerable amongst us in society.



Our mandate and choice of programmes are guided by the following principles:

  • Economic empowerment: One of the key determinants of the Foundation’s activities is how much it will impact the overall eradication of poverty in the long-term.
  • Sustainability: The communities we work with must be able to continue with the solution long after we have provided the necessary infrastructure for change.
  • Impact the most vulnerable; Our activities with OVCs have shown us the extent of marginalization these segments face, and how much more we need to invest towards re-integrating them to useful members of society.
  • Results focused: Striving to ensure that the Foundation only invests in programmes and activities that achieve measurable results.


Key Corporate Sponsor:

Uplands Premium Dairies & Foods Ltd. has been a key program sponsor in all our activities since inception. As a business that has operated in the area since 2014, we have teamed up to align their CSR activities with our Foundation’s mandate. Together, we hope to set an example of how the corporate world can transform and enrich the communities they operate within.

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