Whether you’re looking to begin your career or take it to another level we hope to give you a flavour of working life at Uplands Premium Dairies & foods ltd. We offer exciting opportunities to challenge you, expand your skills, and reward your contributions. Our employees receive competitive compensation and benefits, while working in an atmosphere that encourages personal and professional growth.


There is nothing ‘typical’ about the people who work at UPDF. They have experience in many different industries and cultures, what they share is a passion to help clients drive their business and succeed together. We never lose sight of the fact that it is our people who make us who we are. Our diversity is our strength. We are committed to continuously seeking to employ highly creative, competitive, exceptionally bright and talented people to run the business.
We believe that open minded and progressive thinking individuals are capable of leading our business. People seeking intellectual stimulation from their environment and in anything they are involved in. People who will always take challenges and put effort in the friendly competition with the peer group, being eager to see the team’s success with themselves putting an outstanding contribution towards it.
UPDF takes pride in maintaining public trust by promoting integrity, fairness and honesty. Employment is on merit and does not discriminate
Joining Uplands Premium Dairies & foods ltd also means plugging in one of the best and modern dairies in Kenya. It’s not just about who we’re looking for it’s about what you want out of your working life too.

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