Our History

Uplands Premium Dairies & Foods Ltd (UPDF) was set up in 2014.
It was conceived after the frustration for local farmers who had to contend with a collapsed dairy industry in the region. When the main players in the industry pulled out, the local farmer was left at the mercy of the milk brokers whose main agenda was to exploit them.
It is then that Pascha was born. Pascha is an Africanized form of the English word “Pasture”. It brings forth the feeling of green pastures from which our cows are fed.
From the lush, rolling hills of the Aberdares, came forth the promise of nourishment, fresh and vitality in the name of Pascha Whole Life Milk.
Our goal then, just as it remains now, was to capture the essence of our dairy farmers’ passionate labour and spread it across Kenya. It is this desire and drive that has seen us invest in cutting edge dairy processing technology to share the pride of our farms with all Kenyan homes. Through various successes and setbacks, we continue to strive for what we believe in. We endeavour to bring real value to all our stakeholders. From our over 5,000 farmers who are up before dawn to replenish our raw milk supplies, to our distributors and suppliers, we are all united to ensure we have stamped our footprints in all corners of the country.

Our Journey

In light of all this, Uplands Premium Dairies & Foods Ltd, has continued to pursue a solitary objective- to provide farmers with an alternative and viable source of income.
In three short years, we have lived up to our promise!
With the successful launch of our Long life brand early 2017, Uplands was poised to scale the heights of the UHT market. Within no time, Uplands Delicious brand was born, giving our customers the much valued option of choice.
The latest entry is Damil Low fat milk.
Through the support of our loyal customers, we are supporting the livelihoods of over 5,000 hardworking farmers.
So much was the uptake that we have been able to move to a newly built 200,000- litre processing and storage plant.

-Happy Customer-

Am a joyful lady because all through pascha milk has given me energy to work ,to get that extra coins to buy more packets everyday!! Drink pascha,stay healthy, stay Strong!!!

-Happy Kids -

Our all-time favourite Milk. Pascha Long Life Whole Milk.


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